Stainless steel lifters for clean rooms

Stainless steel lifters for the special requirements of clean rooms

The industrial production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products requires high standards of hygiene and cleanability. Hygiene regulations exist, for example, for production, filling and packaging.

It is therefore vital that mechanical aids used in these areas comply with the high standards of hygiene and quality.

HOVMAND stainless steel lifters meet hygiene requirements for handling hazardous raw material content in the form of powders or liquids, as well as the requirements on immediate packaging in clean rooms. The lifters also make tasks easier, minimise physical strain and maximise safety when lifting, tipping and emptying drums, inserting heavy films into machines in the packaging process, and performing other challenging tasks. For the needs of pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics companies, our in-house engineers are able to quickly develop tailor-made solutions.

Use your existing infrastructure
Produced after GMP-standards
Produced after GMP-standards
IP66 - suitable for clean rooms category C & D
ATEX approved solutions
Easy to clean
Eliminate harmful work processes

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