In order to transport goods, logistics enterprises and numerous other industries use different types of crates, boxes, and similar containers. Employees must transport the completed packages to their destined location as quickly as possible without exceeding their physical capacities. This can be achieved with specialized conveyor systems, which guarantee a maximum degree of flexibility and safety for workers lifting industrial boxes.

Handling heavy cases, boxes, and containers without hoisting equipment poses a real danger to your health.

Whenever companies need to package, move, store, and distribute different kinds of products, they revert to repositories such as euro boxes or other stacking containers. Wholesale plastic boxes present a particularly convenient solution for packaging and shipping goods within modern logistic systems. Lifting heavy cartons and boxes also occurs on a daily basis in office spaces, libraries or retail shops. The supplies used may range from stainless-steel boxes to special boxes for meat and wine cases made from wood. Such containers come in different sizes, with or without lids, and in stackable form, if needed.

While workers are lifting and transporting industrial boxes, they have to make jerky movements and twist their torso in unfavourable angles. Sooner or later, this will cause severe damage to the spine. Carrying heavy distribution boxes goes hand in hand with a bent back, which in turn heightens the pressure on the intervertebral discs. Even if you only move small loads, the compressive force applied to the discs increases significantly.

Handling heavy cases, boxes, and containers without hoisting equipment poses a real danger to your health.

There are numerous scenarios which require employees to pick up and move packaged merchandise. For this purpose, stack or transport boxes oftentimes carry so much weight that a single person cannot handle them by mere manpower. Special load lifters help to haul heavy objects much more efficiently. Experience shows that not only workers from industrial sectors have to lift industrial boxes and containers on a regular basis.

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Libraries and offices

Take libraries as an example: Here, a team of employees has to pick up, scan, and store a vast amount of hefty books every day. A special crate lifter with forks and reels makes it possible to lift industrial boxes or SLC up to shelves of various heights. Thanks to this lifting equipment, employees remain free from physical strains. Similarly, office workers may transport huge quantities of copy paper day in and day out. Watch the video.

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For workers in assembly departments, the manual handling of packaged goods equally causes problems: The table may be too small for a crate, but putting it down on the floor is not a valid option, either. By using systems equipped with a platform or fork, you can lift up industrial boxes next to tables of any height and proceed to take out and further assemble single components.

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At retail shops, staff members oftentimes struggle to stack the shelves. The more they bend down to pick up merchandise from crates and cartons, the more they will suffer from back pains and long-term damages to their musculoskeletal system. In this case, modern lifters and crate gripping devices also come in handy. Employees can move boxes from the pallet onto the platform and lift them up without stooping down themselves. Once the goods are packaged, industrial boxes can be lifted with an electric fork and elevated to the desired level.

Food industries

Canteen kitchens, bakeries, and other sectors within the food industry depend on a fast transport and assembly of products. Throughout such processes, maintaining maximum standards of quality remains the number one priority. Therefore, mobile lifters and related tools, e.g. forks or platforms, are available in stainless-steel and plastic materials that ensure a safe carriage of food boxes.

Warehousing and logistics

For storage or shipping purposes, industrial boxes and cartons have to be lifted from shelves countless times every day. This motion often takes place overhead, which can become exhausting as well as dangerous. With the help of a mobile lifter, you can move cartons from the shelves onto the platform and then transport them swiftly to the right workstation.

Likewise, a modern lifting device makes it easy to directly transport boxes and cartons from the pallet to their destined location without interim storage. You may thus underride pallets of different breadths and then pick up the load with the appropriate tool.

If you want to save time, you can also lift and transport several industrial boxes at once. This method allows for high stacks up to the ceiling which enable you to make use of the entire room and all shelves available.

Whenever employees need to empty boxes or cartons, they can rely on the mobile lifter not only for grabbing movements, but also for turning and tilting.


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