Employees in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and other facilities of the food industry have to handle big metal bowls and canteen kettles on a daily basis. Lifting such heavy loads not only impairs the workers’ physical well-being – it may also increase the amount of product loss when contents are constantly spilled. To avoid such risks, you can rely on mobile devices designed specifically for transporting heavy industrial bowls. Mobile lifters help staff to pick up, move, turn and tilt large steel bowls without damaging their health.



In canteen kitchens and huge bakeries, workers continuously pick up, carry, empty, and clean deep mixing bowls or industrial steam kettles. Due to their weight, extra-large stainless-steel mixing bowls render daily routines exhausting and even dangerous. If employees lift such objects by themselves, they may suffer injuries and long-term damages to their musculoskeletal system. Transporting industrial bowls manually also leads to financial losses for employers, as the kettles’ contents are easily spilled and wasted.

All these problems will not occur if you use mobile lifters to deal with canteen kettles or bowls of various sizes. Specialized equipment protects employees and simultaneously guarantees a more efficient workflow.

Mobile systems to handle different loads and materials.

There are numerous steps involved in producing a complete bread, cake, or soup. Mixing bowls help to blend ingredients, knead dough, and pour the finished mixture into a bigger container.

Depending on the scale of production, you may need to transport industrial bowls with different capacities. Overall, these range from 30, 60, 80, 100, 140 up to 200 litres. Lifting industrial steam jacketed kettles or metal bowls thus becomes merely impossible on many occasions. The only way to successfully complete such tasks is to rely on handling trolleys that include an electrical crane as well as a miniature lift.

Lifting and transporting industrial bowls with maximum efficiency.

First, the lifting device enables employees to grab bowls and kettles on their exterior. Next, staff can elevate the container before adding the ingredients. This works through clamping the bowl or kettle and then lifting it up to a comfortable height. Now you may proceed to add all necessary ingredients.

In order to mix the different components, you can use specialized stirring machines with kneading tools. The mobile lifter transports industrial bowls to the stirring machine and subsequently adjusts its position. For this purpose, you put down the kettle at ground level and insert the stirring device from above. As soon as you have finished mixing, your handling trolley removes the container from the stirring machine.

Blended ingredients usually require further processing. For instance, employers have to spread dough over the worktop and shape little rolls. But lifting extra-large stainless-steel mixing bowls bears a high risk of injuries or physical overexertion. Taking out dough while the bowl sits on the floor also creates problems: You would have to stoop down repeatedly, which not only damages your back, but also slows down the workflow since you can only grab a small amount of dough each time. Lastly, you also want avoid dough falling on the floor and going to waste.

As the modern alternative to manual labour, an electrical handling trolley transports industrial bowls and kettles to the workstation, where the integrated lifting device moves the container to the required height. Employees can then take out and process its contents without damaging their backs or risking product loss.

Decanting and cleaning large steel bowls with ease.

Oftentimes, the contents of huge bowls or kettles have to be transferred into industrial boilers, pots, or other machines. Even this task becomes an easy feat when using mobile lifters. Automated solutions designed for the bowls’ specific capacities make it possible to grab, lift, move, turn, and tilt the container before pouring out its fillings.

Cleaning big mixer bowls or kettles once they are emptied presents an equally difficult challenge. A mobile lifter can transport smaller industrial bowls to the sink and elevate it to the desired level. There, you simply wash down residues with the help of a special cleaning hose.

Lifting equipment helps you to lift, turn, and tilt large bowls and canteen kettles sideward or entirely overhead. This way, you can easily hose out the container while the water drains off. A handling trolley complete with lifting and transporting devices thereby allows food industries to raise the speed and efficiency of production to an otherwise impossible level.