Hovmand lifting solutions can be fitted with a wide range of tools. This means they can be used for the most diverse applications, making them indispensable helpers across various sectors – whether in production, warehousing, logistics or the office. They support the implementation of occupational health and safety measures, enable increased productivity and improve utilisation of warehouse capacity. Watch our videos to see a selection of different applications.

Hovmand_Flex Double Boom_2020

Flex Double Boom for roll lifting can flexibly be adjusted to different roll diameters for safe packing processes.

Hovmand - MRP1 - Kopie

Reel manipulator MRP1 – to grip rolls up to 40 kg in the core and rotate 90°.

Hovmand - MRP2

Reel manipulator MRP2 – to grip large rolls in the core, lift and rotate 90°.

Hovmand - Electric reel manipulator VER

Roll lifter VER  – to grip  very heavy rolls in the core, lift and rotate 90°.

Hovmand - Booms

Boom - the easiest application to grip and transport rolls.

Hovmand_Roll handling

Heavy lifting takes a minor "roll".

"With Hovmand's mobile lifters, we can move, lift and rotate the film reels for our film packers in a single operation, saving time and reducing back strain. And it's safer. So everybody wins!"

– Martin Meinerz, Dispatch Group Leader

Hovmand - Reel Handler

Reel Handler - to handle wrapping film.

HOVMAND - Lifting & moving drums, bins and reels

Grip, lift and turn drums, kegs and bins.

Hovmand - QC6

QC6 - to grip drums and kegs and rotate 360°.

Hovmand E300 stainless steel lifter_Video ohne Intro

Complete hygiene while handling drums with the stainless steel lifter E300 - even in clean rooms.

Hovmand_Fle xFork_2020

Flex fork for crate handling can flexibly be adjusted to different crate dimension.

Hovmand_Turnable Fork_2020
A turning unit allows to adjust the inclination of crates carried on the fork.
Hovmand - Impact 70_library

Transport piled crates without any excertion.

Video mobile lifters for canteens and bakeries

No more bending and aching backs in kitchen and canteens as our lifters handle pots.

Promotion video_Plastic Can Tool + tap for better control

Transporting, lifting and pouring liquids from a jerrycan.

Hovmand_Flex Crane Arm System_2020

Flex crane arm system - to lift and transport irregular shaped items by attaching hooks or straps.

Promotion video - Bucket & Drum Tool

Designes for the safe transport and precise, controlled emptying of buckets and drums.

HOVMAND - Increased efficiency at tire centers and car dealers

W-Lift  - to easily remove tyre sets from a shelf and transport them in the garage.

Hovmand - W-mount

W-Mount - helps when mounting wheels during tyre change.

Hovmand - Server lift

Even servers can easily be lifted in server rooms.