Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge
Hovmand A/S - Køge


The core of the company has always been to look outside the box, seek new solutions and stay close to the people we work for on a day-by-day basis – whether employees or customers. This trusting, open manner of dealing with each other defines Hovmand to this day. Perhaps this is the key to our success and the long-term loyalty of our employees. Everyone finds their place here and is challenged and encouraged accordingly.

With over 45 years of experience and a great deal of inventive talent, Hovmand has become an outstanding company with lots of freedom to develop ideas and innovations. There is a close connection and a lively, inspiring exchange between the headquarters in Køge and the subsidiary in Munich. Like Hans Hovmand in the past, Søren Hovmand is also an inventor and continues to seek proximity to customers and business partners. More than 50 employees now ensure that Hovmand produces and markets first-class products of the very highest quality.

Søren Hovmand


Gertrud is our good-hearted soul in customer service and has been with us for over 28 years. She hasn't tired of her job to this day. For all employees and customers who know her, Gertrud's most important characteristic is that she’s always in a good mood.

How long have you been with us?
I have been working for Hovmand since March 1991, first in Sorø, now in Køge.

What do you do and what are the key aspects of your work?
I work in customer service, take orders and take care of the whole process relating to orders and deliveries for our customers. If something comes up, I simply call the customer directly.

What do you particularly enjoy and where does your motivation come from?
My work is very versatile and never gets tedious. What I like most is personal contact with our customers.

How has the company developed up until the present day, from your point of view?
There have been lots of changes. I always try to move with the changes and never be reactionary.

What do you like about our products? What impact do you think our products have?
I believe our products create a good working environment for our customers.



On 1 May 1972 in the small village of Haverup near Sorø in Denmark, Hans Christian and Bibi Hovmand founded H.C. Hovmand ApS Polyurethan to develop tailor-made polyurethane machines on behalf of their customers. They were used for the mechanical processing of polyurethanes as sealing and insulating material. At that time, PU foam was a widely used material, especially for insulating buildings and industrial plants. The first constructions were produced in an old chicken coop – first on paper, then built by hand. While Hans Hovmand was working on his machines, it occurred to him that transporting drums of polyurethane was a real challenge for his customers. Inspired by an internship during his studies in Germany, he decided to bring something to Denmark which was already widely used in Germany as a transport aid – the sack truck. Hovmand quickly became the first aluminium sack truck dealer in Denmark. As far as Hans Hovmand was concerned, everything was possible. When he himself encountered a problem or learned of a problem from his customers, he immediately found a solution. Even back then, Hovmand adapted his hand trucks to the requirements of the Danish market – for transporting beverage crates of a different size in Denmark, for example.

By 1975 Hovmand already had a workforce of 15 employees. The company soon got used to the fact that the boss was always on the move, with Bibi Hovmand taking care of the employees and customer service. In the same year, Hovmand also took over sales for German conveyor belts and screening plants. This became the company's third division, in addition to polyurethane machines and hand trucks. Due to the growing number of orders, space in the chicken coop was soon insufficient. And since Hans Hovmand never really knew such a thing as a problem, he simply went off and purchase a huge tent at an auction, and then put it up on his property and used it as a warehouse. At the same time he renamed his company H.C. Hovmand A/S.

After steady growth, Hovmand moved into the premises of a car dealer in Ringstedvej in Sorø, facilities that were retained until 1991. The location directly on the country road to Copenhagen could not have been better. Many decision-makers were “passing by in the car anyway”. You could hardly miss Hovmand – the three yellow houses were an obvious landmark. Just like everyone else at Hovmand today, Hans Hovmand already attached great importance to being close to his customers and easy to contact. This is probably one of the reasons he acquired a shop in the middle of Copenhagen Østerfarimagsgade in 1984.

Sack trucks, electric stair climbers from Japan and polyurethane machines were displayed in the shop window – rather unusual for a downtown store. His son Søren took care of the business together with his sister Suzanne while studying engineering. The children were involved closely in the company as soon as they were old enough. In 1991 Hovmand moved his headquarters to a new building with 1,500 m2 in Sorø. Almost 20 years after establishing the company and following many developments and ideas, the first lifter was launched in 1995 – based on the very same concept that is still in use today. Shortly afterwards Søren Hovmand joined the executive committee of the company, going on to take over management of Hovmand A/S in 1999 – with a completely new focus: he sold the polyurethane machine business and concentrated entirely on the manufacture and sale of mobile lifting trolleys. In order to expand further and serve an important cooperation market, Søren Hovmand founded a branch of the company in Germany in 2014 based in Munich. Since the last move in 2019 to the newly built plant in Køge, Hovmand now has sufficient space for future developments. For one of these, the Virtual Engineering App, Hovmand recently received the 2019 Digital Award from the Danish Ministry of Economic Affairs. And who knows what tomorrow has in store.

Hovmand - it all started in a chicken coop
Hovmand - Development and production of PU machines in chicken houses
Hans and Bibi Hovmand with daughter Suzanne
Hovmand construction of conveyor belts
Hovmand storage tent
Hovmand Team 1991
Hovmand retail shop
Hovmand Ringstedvej Sorø
Hovmand Rustkammervej Sorø



HOVMAND AR APP - See thing sthat you could not see before-1

The most innovative advice for safe materials handling at our customers' sites – this is what we’re providing with our new Virtual Engineering app. We use state-of-the-art technologies to make the product experience as authentic as possible for our customers. They are in a much better position to be able to make sustainable decisions based on realistic information.

Watch our video to find out what company proprietor Søren Hovmand says about the Hovmand Virtual Engineering app.