Press release: Handling buckets, small drums and canisters.

Munich, 7 July 2020 +++ Safe transport and transfer of bulk materials and liquids: The two new lifting hoists from Hovmand make this possible. A bucket lifter with manual tilting unit assists with the special handling of buckets and small drums, while a mobile canister filling aid facilitates the transport and transfer of canisters. The world's leading manufacturer of mobile industrial lifting hoists is once again expanding its range of hoists for safe and efficient working in production.

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  • Jul 20, 2020 10:39:34 AM

Revolutionary canister transferring aid launched

Safe transfer of bulk goods and liquids: with the new mobile canister transferring aid, Hovmand is expanding its range of intelligent hoists for materials handling. With the new solution, the canisters are picked up on the handle by means of a hook device and securely fixed by a lock and two supporting arms. This enables the canisters to be lifted and transported. The canisters are attached to the carrying handle by means of a hook jig and securely fixed by a lock as well as two supporting arms. This enables the canisters to be lifted and transported. A manually operated rotating device enables the canisters to be tilted sideways. The unique canister tipper is a cost-effective solution for more productivity in the filling process. It not only brings benefits in terms of occupational health and safety for employees, but also in terms of productivity. Precise filling can speed up production processes.


Operations in many production areas have currently fallen sharply. This is not the case in the foodstuff industry. Production volume has actually increased in many companies. These companies must overcome the challenge of achieving the highest possible productivity with an often smaller number of staff, while still adhering to the currently applicable occupational health and safety guidelines.

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  • Jul 3, 2020 12:37:43 PM

Press Release: Hovmand launches new flexible lifiting equipment for Lifting trolleys

Køge, 8 January 2020 +++ New items in the Hovmand lifting equipment range include a flexible system for forks and booms, a rotating fork and an adaptable crane arm system.  This significantly extends the potential applications of the company’s mobile lifting and transport solutions for efficient and safe material handling.

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  • Jan 9, 2020 4:14:54 PM

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