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Press release: Handling buckets, small drums and canisters.

Munich, 7 July 2020 +++ Safe transport and transfer of bulk materials and liquids: The two new lifting hoists from Hovmand make this possible. A bucket lifter with manual tilting unit assists with the special handling of buckets and small drums, while a mobile canister filling aid facilitates the transport and transfer of canisters. The world's leading manufacturer of mobile industrial lifting hoists is once again expanding its range of hoists for safe and efficient working in production.

In industrial production of foodstuff or chemical goods, it is often necessary to transport powders, granules and bulk materials in buckets or small drums, as well as liquids from canisters, from one location to another and transfer them into other containers. Hovmand now also provides ergonomic solutions for executing these work steps without physical strain. The new tools for mobile industrial lifting hoists make it simple to safely lift, tilt and fill the contents of heavy canisters among other activities. Irrespective of the weight of the container, one person can easily handle the lifting and tilting procedure on their own - also an advantage in order to be able to maintain the minimum distance to other people which is currently relevant for personal health. In addition, both innovations for environments with special hygiene requirements are also available as stainless steel solutions.


For buckets and small drums.

The containers are clamped with a strap with the bucket lifter. This operates according to the principle of a car belt, can be tightened tightly and rolls back up automatically when it is released. When re-tensioning, two load-bearing rollers which are pressed against the container, secure it against falling down. A manually operated turning device enables the containers to be tilted sideways to precisely fill the contents into other containers.

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Mobile canister filling aid.

A new addition to the market is presented with the mobile filling aid for canisters. The canisters are attached to the carrying handle by means of a hook jig and securely fixed by a lock as well as two supporting arms. This enables the canisters to be lifted and transported. A manually operated turning device also enables precise transfer into another container by tilting the canisters sideways.

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Cost-effective solution for increased productivity in the filling process.

The lifting hoist not only provides health and safety benefits for employees, rather also for productivity. Targeted filling speeds up the processes in production.

Investment in a lifting hoist is often avoided when it comes to handling buckets and small drums. Until now, investments had to be made in a complete electrical solution. There are now cost-effective alternatives with the new lifting hoists. "The lifting process continues to be implemented as electrical, but tilting or container switch overs can now be executed manually by utilising the newly developed lifting tools", says Managing Director Søren Hovmand. "Operation is intuitive, as is also the case with electrical tools.“


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