We make material handling more efficient

Hovmand is a world-leading manufacturer of lifters and lifting tools. Hovmand has globally been supplying lifters to a wide range of companies and industries and for a variety of purposes for many years. Our broad portfolio of lifting and moving equipment is supported by customised, engineered solutions meeting special demands.

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Intelligent lifting & moving solutions

We manufacture your solution

Based on 45 years of experience and our broad products
range, we are able to improve our customers’ workflows
by delivering customised and intelligent solutions. 
The lifting tools make the lifters suitable for a wide range of 
applications and tasks. Our lifters are sold and serviced 
through a network of dedicated distributors 


We make material handling more efficient and 
improve the daily work life.


We want to be the world’s leading 
manufacturer of lifters.

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Our equipment, mobile battery-powered lifting devices– 
we call it lifters – are delivered to several different industries 
such as; Pharma, Food, Manufacturing, Retail, 
Service & Distribution.


Hovmand supplies equipment to lift and 
carry boxes, drums, reels and other items.


With our equipment, you are able to lift and carry 
more, optimise workflows and eliminate 
inappropriate lifting and handling.


With Hovmand lifters, you improve the material flow 
and increase efficiency. In addition, you improve work 
life and job satisfaction.

The Impact model

The Impact model illustrates that we develop and manufacture
our lifters to create:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Enhanced Functionality
  • New Opportunities
  • Improved Work life
The Impact model


1972 : Company founded in a hen house
1995 : Introduction of lifter as we know it today
1999 : Søren Hovmand takes over management
2000 : First lifters shipped for export
2005 : Introduction of the Impact series

2007 : Søren Hovmand takes over ownership
2011 : Strategy solely focusing on lifters
2012 : Introduction of the INOX series
2014 : Hovmand GmbH established in Munich
2016 : Globally the largest supplier of lifters


CEO and owner is Søren Hovmand, MSc
(Mech.Eng.), BSc (Commerce) – son of the
founders Bibi and Hans Christian Hovmand.